Brain and Body Assessment and Management in Melbourne

We provide services to optimise your thinking (brain) and movement (body).

——– BODY ——–

acute or chronic injury

Neuro-Musculosketal Assessment and Management

We fix injuries. From acute sprains and strains, to chronic injuries that have not been fully treated for years. Our skills include Active Release Technique (ART), myofascial treatment and SFMA.

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surgery rehabilitation

Rehabilitation Before or After Surgery

Recovery from surgery can be daunting and long. At Jurmaine Health, we help you recover faster and better from surgery, so you can get on with what you want to do.

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training and workshops

Training and Workshops

Why wait for an injury to occur? Our workshops provide education and strategies to reduce injury rates and understand how to move optimally.

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community support

Community Support

You may have seen us around – we provide treatment and support for local and national athletes and clubs…and anyone in the business of movement (dancers, circus performers, martial artists and more).

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—— BRAIN ——

clinical neuropsychology assessments

Neuropsychology Assessments

This specialist assessment examines a person’s cognitive abilities including attention, memory and reasoning, in the background of some form of suspected or known brain change or injury.

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concussion management

Concussion Management

Monitor progress and recovery from concussion by a clinician trained in Neuropsychology. Ensure safety and confidence in resuming school, work and/or sport.

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This assessment provides a report for a person’s current level of cognitive abilities compared to same-aged peers. This is the brain check to monitor your thinking skills over time.

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cognitive rehabilitation

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Learn skills to rehabilitate the brain after an injury. Strategies provided to improve memory, attention, processing speed and more. Multiple workshops run throughout the year.

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