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Whole Person Approach

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – Aristotle

Real & effective improvements to your brain-related conditions and body health cannot happen in isolation. At Jurmaine Health, we understand the deeper connections between brain and body and we deliver a caring holistic approach that looks after the whole person.

By investigating every contributing factor for your sustainable wellbeing, we develop treatment plans that are as individual as you are. Experience treatments that do their best to repair, protect and optimise each and every part of your entire body and help you live your life the way it should be enjoyed – without pain and optimised for strength and well-being.

At Jurmaine Health, we see you – all of you. To experience a better way to deal with your pain, book an appointment with our better health specialists at Jurmaine Health today.

Jurmaine Health is the Centre for Brain & Body Improvement and therefore our approach is different to other clinics. We combine the expertise of all our practitioners (both neuropsychological – BRAIN) and Neuro-musculoskeletal (BODY) and work closely together for better holistic outcomes.

How does the Whole Person Approach work?

Concussion Treatment
We address both the impact on brain (emotions, memory and thinking) as well as the body’s concerns such as the physical impact of whiplash and other pain-related concerns such as neck and shoulder pain.

Whole Person Conditions & Services

Whole Person Approach


At all stages, conservative management of Scoliosis including exercises to strengthen, stretch and stabilise can help address musculoskeletal and biomechanical faults of Scoliosis. Our caring team are here to help.

Whole Person Approach

Trauma Release Management

Trauma release exercises (TRE) are designed to stimulate and encourage the release of the stored deep muscular tension from within our body. A set of exercises are designed to relax the nervous system and restore the body to its normal relaxed state.

Whole Person Approach

Motor Vehicle Accident

Whiplash and motor vehicle accidents often go hand-in-hand.  Many other issues can also occur including headaches, neck, shoulder, arm, back or jaw pain/stiffness. Our team thoroughly assess and can provide therapy and specific exercises, advice on injury prevention/re-aggravation.


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The Jurmaine Health Team

Our team of clinicians has expertise in a range of disorders and conditions that affect both the brain (cognitive behaviour) and the body (neuromusculoskeletal health). Our knowledgeable and caring clinicians are often sought after for their expertise in specialist matters throughout Australia.


Whole Person Approach

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Jurmaine Health acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the communities where we work.

At our clinic, we accept a variety of payment methods. Medicare rebates can be electronically claimed by us at the time of payment:

Whole Person Approach

Our clinic takes accessibility seriously and has an on-site ramp and disabled toilets:

Whole Person Approach