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Health Professionals (Body)

Jurmaine Health – Whole Person Approach & Systems:

At Jurmaine Health, we see the whole person and know that the “one size fits all” is flawed.  At Jurmaine Health we do NOT apply the standard approach which normally involves;

1: quick adjustments if they are Chiropractors
2: same exercises over and over again regardless of a progress or non progress
3: treating in the same manner weekly over a long time.

We are different. We choose to be evidence influenced and are also continually testing, refining and questioning our choice methods of approaches and if what we did helped or can help or short changes a patient.

Our Expertise

We are commonly known for our expertise in movement mechanics and active release technique (we are the most advanced practitioners in Melbourne/Victoria and our director is an Instructor in ART).
We are routinely requested to help resolve issues such as concussion and whiplash, back pain, hip pain before surgery, chronic injuries and conditions and patients through NDIS as well.

Our team is highly trained and has a commitment to continuous training both locally and overseas in many schools of study to provide holistic outcomes for our patients.

We work in partnership

We bridge communication gaps and understand the various views between professions such as sports medicine, musculoskeletal medicine, chiropractic, osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage, strength and conditioning, movement based systems, martial arts and dance systems.

How we work

Each person is seen as a project and the project must be seen to completion to obtain results and improvements over time. We are responsible – if we feel that we are not the right fit for your patient or that the individual requires further assistance or investigation to ensure progress, we have no hesitation to suggest alternatives.

When 1 + 1 = doesn’t equal 2

Examples of our our assessments make a difference to the health of patients.

Given that the permutations and variables for any neuro-musculoskeletal issue can be wide and occasionally convoluted, it is not uncommon for us to investigate all movement mechanics or even arterial pulses when your patients make a booking with us.

For example, we have had cases where:

  • Female lifter complaints of pain only upon unloading the bar, even after two sessions. The issue was then re-examined and referred to a GP who diagnosed it as upper respiratory bronchitis.
  • Man complain of a diffused musculoskeletal pain, however upon assessment, the issue did not appear to align with a neuro or musculoskeletal issue. He was further referred to a naturopath/ dietician who specialises in male hormones. This referral then addressed the patient’s needs.  
  • Female complaints of shoulder pain, post examination and treatment, suggests to go for chest x-ray. The results was a mild pneumonia.

Positive Outcomes for complex concerns:

  • Back or Shoulder Pain from sport, treatment, rehab and retraining mechanics. Results mean lifting without pain, increasing mechanical and lifting efficacy, thus the patient/individual is able to lift more volume, or have greater speed or strength.
  • Plantar fasciitis – commonly resolved without laser or shockwave or orthotics or surgery. It is usually misdiagnosed. The issue can on many occasions becoming from the spine or movement dysfunction.
  • Maxilofacial Surgery – young woman appears for shoulder pain however presents neuro-musculoskeletal issues like whiplash consistent with maxofascial surgery. Further examination reveals she has had maxofascial surgery and also has regular migraines. Within 6 sessions, she had relief in her shoulders for the first time in 5 years (even after seeing another chiro every month for 2 years) and she is now migraine free 6 months later.
  • Older woman presents with leg pain related to sciatica which she has had for over 23 years. An x-ray reveals she has a bony growth on her hip as well as bulging discs. After treatment and training, she is now pain free after 23 years.

Our approach to quick recovery

Whilst most conditions recover quickly, there are some that will take time to resolve.  Some cases will require only treatment, others will require training, some requires both.


On average, it takes about four rounds of 10 sessions for training and for the average person to learn several skills, this includes,

  • Understand their mechanics
  • Understand and learn how to train purposefully for wellness, their life goals and/or sport
  • Understand how they respond to fear, stress and doubt
  • Breaking bad training habits

For information on training or rehabilitation coaching, contact us.

The Jurmaine Health Team

Our team of clinicians has expertise in a range of disorders and conditions that affect both the brain (cognitive behaviour) and the body (neuromusculoskeletal health). Our knowledgeable and caring clinicians are often sought after for their expertise in specialist matters throughout Australia.


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Jurmaine Health acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Elders in each of the communities where we work.

At our clinic, we accept a variety of payment methods. Medicare rebates can be electronically claimed by us at the time of payment:

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Our clinic takes accessibility seriously and has an on-site ramp and disabled toilets:

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