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Concussion Treatment

What Is A Concussion?

Concussion‘ – often referred to as a ‘mild brain injury’, ‘mild traumatic brain injury’, ‘minor head trauma’ or ‘mild head injury’ – is one of the most common brain injuries we see. As the brain is made of soft tissue, a strong knock or blow to the head can cause the brain to move around inside the skull and cause minor trauma. This can often result in a concussion.

Concussion is typically the result of impact injuries such as football tackles, car accidents, falls or strikes to the face suffered in combat sports. Treatment is typically supportive, as mild head trauma almost always resolves on its own.

Photo of a man who could benefit from concussion treatment

Our Concussion Treatment & Recovery Program

Jurmaine Health’s Concussion Program is fully managed by neuropsychologists who work with the patient to closely assess, test, manage, treat, and rehabilitate the diverse facets of concussions:

  1. We assess head injuries with clinical interviews, exams, and tests.
  2. Neurocognitive testing is conducted using ImPACT™ (Immediate Postconcussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing) and if needed, a wide range of other neuropsychological tests.
  3. We apply techniques that help retrain the brain to discern complex environments, including space, motion, and head/eye movements.
  4. All of this data is used to create a concussion treatment and management plan, tailored to the patient.
  5. We will liaise with patient’s allied health team, GP, sports team, school and/or workplace.
  6. Follow up sessions are scheduled to promote successful rehabilitation.
  7. If needed, we will provide referrals to other allied health to test and treat vestibular, balance, and eye movement problems that may occur with concussion.
  8. If needed, referral to other allied health to safely increase heart rate and physical fitness through Strength training, Agility drills, Plyometrics, Dynamic and functional movements, and Sport-specific training.

ImPACT Return To Activity Strategy