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Myotherapy +

Why Myotherapy +?

Our providers at Jurmaine Health and trained and/or invited to join us on their capabilities as specialists in their field along with their personalities as providers that contributes to an environment that assists, encourages and allows another to heal and recover.

Apart from all the obvious advantages within the session like a remedial massage our specialist soft tissue provider, just like our clinicians, will look at several systems for your wellbeing.

These includes how your standing posture is exhibiting any implicit or explicit pain.

Myotherapy Plus also means that the provider has significantly more than just a myotherapy degree or diploma. This also means many hours of study and mastery of different approaches to contribute to a person’s wellbeing and goals.

Some of the approaches within the session can or may include:

  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (see the next word decription)
  • Structural Integration see work on Fascia
  • Dry needling (usually for stubborn muscular demands)
  • Trigger Point
  • Fascial Stretches

How is this different from the NeuroMusculoskeletal Clinicians in your Clinic?

Myotherapy Plus session is usually longer. 60 minutes or 1.5hours is the usual session times.

It is likely to feel more therapeutic and calming and less cognitively actively engaging. You are likely more encouraged to doze off as compared to a clinical session.

The Clinicians are mostly focused on musculoskeletal and sport injuries with a familiarity and expertise in identifying pathological scenarios (for example, many lung issues can masquerade as shoulder or neck pain), skeletal changes or issues, acute tissue sport associated trauma and for specialised requirements from athletes who need re-training their movement patterns and long standing unresolved concerns.

The Clinicians treatment times are also typically shorter.

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How do we work together?

If you have an issue and started your sessions with your provider and haven’t had a resolution, your soft tissue specialist provider is likely to suggest and refer you on to the clinicians for further investigation, before suggesting the most appropriate way forward for your needs. This may be anywhere from:

a: seeing the clinician for some sessions before going back to your soft tissue specialist provider

b: the clinician might suggest for a further external investigation (MRI,CT, XRAY, ABI, PRP, CORTISONE, Surgery, etc)

c: the clinician may suggest for a movement re-training or repatterning for a better recovery.


You may have made clinical appointments and your issue is resolved, however, you may have ongoing struggles within a certain period, say 4 weeks, for others, that may be shorter or longer, it depends on the person.

Your clinician will offer you the most appropriate way forward according to your needs as assessed. This could be to have some well-spaced sessions with your soft tissue specialist provider or for sessions for retraining your movement patterns.

We’ve Worked With The Following:

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Reasons for having regular sessions with our Soft Tissue Specialist Provider

  1. It encourages a “moving from being in your head into being in your body” from the stresses of the multitude and varying demands on one’s being. If being stressed in the mind can create a change in your posture and breathing patterns, it also implies that you will be holding tension and moving with that same tension in the body all the time.
  2. It allows a trained individual to help monitor your energy, vitality and general wellbeing whilst receiving care for your entire soft tissue system such as your fascia, muscle, lymph etc.
  3. What was once a part of a natural rhythm, sleep has become a commodity and sometimes a stress factor for all affected members of a person’s lack of sleep. If it is not sleep apnoea, having the ligaments and muscles of your chest and neck area worked on, is likely to provide you with some well needed rest.
  4. Moving better in thought, mind and body starts from somewhere. From running coaches, to the very run down seek treatment to help their system feel whole again.