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Neuropsychological Assessments

What Is Clinical Neuropsychology?

Clinical neuropsychology is a field of psychology which focuses on the applied science of brain-behaviour relationships. Unlike a clinical psychologist, who deals with psychological and mental health problems, a neuropsychologist can assess, diagnose and treat psychological disorders which stem from brain-based conditions, often through neuropsychological assessments.

A neuropsychological assessment involves analysing common brain functions, such as memory, attention, concentration, learning, problem solving and decision making. These assessments are particularly relevant to people who have been affected by cognitive changes as a result of a head injury, stroke, excessive alcohol use, excessive drug use, dementia and other conditions that may affect brain function.

Photo of a clinical neuropsychologist performing neuropsychological assessments

Cognitive Domains Assessed

  • Intellectual functioning
  • Language processing
  • Visuospatial processing
  • Attention & concentration
  • Verbal learning & memory
  • Visual learning & memory
  • Executive functions
  • Speed of processing
  • Sensory-perceptual functions
  • Motivation / symptom validity

Wide range of conditions assessed

During our neuropsychological assessments we are able to comprehensively and holistically assess thinking changes as a result of a large number of conditions, including but not limited to:

Acquired Brain Injury
Alzheimer's Disease
Intellectual Disability
Memory Problems
Concentration Problems
TAC, DVA & Workcover Head Injuries
Decision Making Capacity
Front temporal Dementia
Alcohol Or Drug Related Brain Injury
Drug & Alcohol Dependency

What Can I Expect During A Neuropsychological Assessment?

  1. First, we establish the reason for the referral/appointment – what is it that we are assessing? Are they any specific questions you’d like answered?
  2. We arrange an appointment at a time (and place) which suits you best.
  3. The assessment itself takes 3-4 hours and includes a comprehensive medical, personal and forensic background.
  4. During the assessment you will also undergo neuropsychological testing, which assesses your attention, concentration, memory, executive function, processing speed and visual/verbal skills.
  5. After the assessment, we will liaise with GP’s, medical and allied health professionals, legal representations, carers/support workers in order to obtain further information – this usually takes around an hour or so.
  6. We write our neuropsychological report, which takes approximately 5 hours to complete.
  7. A feedback session will be scheduled for you and your referred (if applicable) to answer any questions and ensure that everything in the report is fully understood.

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